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My Webcam Broadcaster 2.4

My Webcam Broadcaster lets you broadcast your webcam to the Internet
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My Webcam Broadcaster lets you broadcast your webcam to the Internet. The application lets you use any USB web camera that you have installed on your system and upload the video feed to their servers, so that other users can see it or so that you can connect to it and see it from any web browser, or you can purchase and download mobile apps for iOS and Android.

By default, your camera is unlocked, which means that anyone who goes to the EyeSpyFX website can see it. That is why there is password protection. When you add a password, users will still see your camera listed on the website, but won't be able to access it without the password.

Since this application uses a web server to broadcast the image, you can forget about port-forwarding. After installing it and running the service, you can start watching your camera from anywhere on the Internet.

Configuration is really simple. You follow a short wizard to carry out the initial configuration, and later, you can access the options window to modify those settings.

In my testing, the app worked very well and I had no problems installing it or running it. When I went to the website, my webcam feed was already listed and I could see it on my web browser without having to install any additional software.

José Fernández
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